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New News at AG

1/1/2013  AG Technologies, LLC announces the opening of the company in Scottsdale, AZ.

1/1/2013 Cubic Systems, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI will use AG Technologies to promote their line of automotive analyzers at all proving grounds in the Rocky Mountains and California.

1/5/2013  Ventis Antennas and RF has agreed to partner with AG Technologies in the Rocky Mountains and Southern CA to promote and design their line of ultra-wideband antennas and rf products.

1/14/2013 Reliance North America of Schenectady, New York has selected AG Technologies tor represent their products in the Rocky Mountain states and California.

1/23/2013 AG Technologies completes a design and has built a replacement for a field termination for level sensors and other field instruments that require or wish for lighting protection mounted internally to the enclosure. The clear cover allows a user to easily determine when the desiccant can needs to be replaced.

3/15/2013  AG Technologies adds a range of standard sensor and signal termination enclosures to its product line.

4/1/2013  Cubic Systems, Inc. announces the latest version of their FireLynx product for use in engine development test and control.  It can also be used as a real time as a controller for fuel injector test stands.
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