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COVID and Fire Safety

The ongoing global health-crisis has without a doubt put significant pressure on property owners and their tenants alike. Due to the shift to remote working, numerous people had to create or improvise ad-hoc home offices. This has created a greater...

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Maintaining Your New ARC System

If you’re new to the subject, ARCS are emergency communication systems, used in high-rise  buildings by the New York Fire Department. These durable systems are designed to provide  in-building communication for the FDNY during fire emergencies.  ARCS,...

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What Happens After ARCS Installation?

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems, or ARCS for short, are emergency two-way in-building radio  networks used by the fire department in high-rise buildings.  Communication is critical during a fire emergency and ARCS is the solution. They assist...

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AG Technologies, LLC.

AG Technologies is a licensed provider of the FDNY. We serve New York City 5 boroughs along with Westchester and Long Island.

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