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Maintaining Your New ARC System

If you’re new to the subject, ARCS are emergency communication systems, used in high-rise  buildings by the New York Fire Department. These durable systems are designed to provide  in-building communication for the FDNY during fire emergencies. 

ARCS, or Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems, are compulsory in high-rise buildings as a  result of the national tragedy we suffered on 9/11. Due to the devastating structural damage,  firefighters and first respondents alike lost radio signal in the building. 

While ARC systems couldn’t have prevented such a horrific event, they could have saved  precious lives. Of almost 3000 victims, 343 were firefighters. Had they had ARCS back then, a  significant amount would have made it out alive. 

To keep New York firefighters and residents safe, ARCS became mandatory in 2015.  But simply having one installed isn’t going to cut it. ARCS also need to be certified, meticulously  maintained, and re-certified as well. 

NYC Building Code and Fire Code require ARC systems to be installed, operated, acceptance  tested, and maintained per the rules of the fire department. The FDNY decided to adopt this rule  to make sure ARCS are maintained in optimal condition for emergency communication. 

This also enables fire departments to uphold the design, installation, operation, and  maintenance of ARCS to the highest standards. Therefore fire departments implemented a  rigorous testing procedure to make sure the ARCS signal provides coverage throughout the  whole building. 

These strict rules aim to ensure the installed ARC systems are kept in optimal shape and able  to serve their intended purpose – keeping NYC firefighters and residents safe and prepared for  emergencies. 

How to Maintain Your New ARCS? 

So what do all these regulations mean for you, the building owner? How should you maintain  your ARCS and get it regularly recertified? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to do it  yourself. 

ARCS are intricate radio systems, and their maintenance should be left to professionals.  Otherwise, you risk failing its recertification. 

And since ARC systems are detrimental to our safety, their certification process is quite strict as  well. There are businesses dedicated to testing their functionality. This is because of the Fire  Department rule 3 RCNY §115-01, that established certificates for businesses that specialize in  testing ARCS.

These company certificates guarantee that the ARCS, as well as the businesses themselves,  are upheld to the highest standards. As a result, companies will make sure to certify and re certify ARCS that have full functionality. 

Now, the companies that are responsible for your ARCS certification are the best when it comes  to maintenance. Just like they know what to look for, they’re also the best at keeping your ARCS  in great shape. 

And if you need ARCS maintenance, it only makes sense to employ the company performing  the acceptance test. This will make sure your radio system will be recertified, and ready for  firefighters if push comes to shove. 

How to Find the Right Company for Your ARCS Maintenance? 

If you’re looking for the most dedicated company to maintain, certify, and re-certify your ARCS,  then look no further. At AG Technologies, we are committed to providing the best-patented  solutions for ARC Systems. 

We offer reliable and cost-effective ARCS services, from installation and maintenance to  professional certification.  

When it comes to a fire emergency, communication is key for your safety – and your safety is  something that can’t be compromised. 

If your building requires an ARC System specialist, then contact us today. We’ll make sure your  building is safe and your ARCS is always in great condition.

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