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We have the complete in-house capabilities to design, file, install, test and commission an ARCS system and obtain FDNY approval with little interference of the building’s current infrastructure as well as minimal interruption to the on-going operations of the facility. Our patented technology, designs, engineering and service provides seamless operations equally reliable in normal time as in an emergency situation and also allows for full control of the locations of first responders across the building in real time. AG Technologies’ ARCS system monitors itself fully through the antennas and provides real time reports via SMS or Email.

Fire Safety Sprinkler System Installation

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We will design and install an ARCS system that provides crisis communication and security to all your tenants and/or clients. ARCS Operate Continuously, even during power outages, and their main purpose is to assist communication via FDNY radio. The system ensures radio communication is available at all times.

Building Codes and Requirements

We pride ourselves in staying up to date on all applicable building codes and requirements, ensuring that your project in completed correctly and expertly. AG Technologies offers supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for our state-of-the-art Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems in all types of buildings along with engineering, filing and certification services.

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Approval Procedure for an ARCS Installation

For project approval, and registered design professional in NYC must submit a full set of construction documents. Article 917 of the NYC Building Code provides a list of the required documentation:

Radio equipment type, including antenna specifications.

Riser diagram and floor plans that clearly indicate the location of all ARCS components.

Legend: Symbology and abbreviations.

Power source locations – primary and secondary. Technical specifications and listing information for all proposed equipment and cables.

Ideally, an ARCS system must be capable of providing full building coverage while optimizing equipment location and overall system cost. Fire protection systems include expensive components such as fire pumps and sprinkler piping, so any savings that we can pass on to you that won’t compromise the performance are where we excel.

Where Should ARCS Be Installed in your New York City building?
Installing an ARCS is mandatory in new commercial constructions taller than 75 feet and new residential constructions taller than 125 feet. Installation requirements and procedures are provided in rule 3 RCNY §511-01, along with the requirements for acceptance testing, inspection, certification and recertification. For radio communication systems similar to an ARCS and installed before December 31, 2014, the rule provides operation and maintenance requirements as well, even when many of them are not specifically an ARCS system.

Although NYC codes and standards are exacting, they are especially stringent in the case of fire protection, for obvious reasons. Not meeting proper codes when installing an ARCS, automatic sprinklers, fire alarms, smoke control systems or other fire protection measures can lead to legal action, such as being denied the certificate of occupancy. Also consider that firefighters depend on ARCS when dealing with a fire or any other emergency in a high-rise building, so a well-functioning system will help save lives. An ARCS is both bidirectional and wireless and uses exclusive FDNY radio frequencies that prevent outside interference. Its basic components include radiating cables, antennas, power supplies, radio amplification units (RAU), and dedicated radio consoles (DRC). Its layout includes a transceiver or base station that is connected to an antenna system that encompasses the entire building. There is also a radio console in the lobby that adds to ease of access.

Ultimately, a properly designed ARCS system will allow seamless wireless communications for firefighters and other emergency personnel if there is a fire or other emergency in a building.

A key feature of ARCS is land mobile radios (LMRs) which represent a critical tool used by emergency and fire responders during crises. Portable LMRs are a true lifeline, but users need to be sure that messages are both sent and received so that the appropriate action may be taken if not. Simply put, without the ability to maintain lines of communication, firefighters and other first responders cannot proceed in a safe manner.

LMRs operate on public safety frequencies used by municipalities and it is vital that they operate at any place within a building and at all times. While it is sometimes possible to get the necessary signal strength, many larger commercial buildings, tall high-rise buildings, and the underground basements of buildings do commonly need some enhancement system because these locations tend to block or inhibit LMR receiving or transmission functions by their very nature of being build soundly.

Additional technologies are now available for in-building radio communication enhancement. These include radiating cable systems (also known as leaky cable) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). For additional information on these, please reach out to AGTechnologies to schedule a call.


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