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Communicating in an Emergency

A key feature of ARCS is land mobile radios (LMRs) which represent a critical tool used by emergency fire responders, including firefighters, during emergencies. Quite simply, without the ability to maintain lines of communication, firefighters and other first responders cannot enter buildings safely.

An ARC System is important due to the engineering structure of commercial buildings, having a continuous two-way emergency communication system that operates even during power outages, or other emergency occurrences is crucial for the safety of building occupants as well as emergency personnel.

Increasing coordinated efforts to manage emergencies is just the beginning, relying on telephone or internet connectivity or a data center can compromise safety and reduce the vulnerability experienced during a crisis situation. By having a communication system that can operate in and around concrete walls, floors, and throughout multiple stories will allow a firefighter to concentrate on managing the emergent situation without having to switch radio channels, or be concerned that he is cut of from communicating with other emergency personnel.

AGTechnologies’ patented technology, designs, engineering and services are cutting edge and second to none in the industry. Having reliable communication is critical in emergency situations. We provide solutions comprised of state-of-the-art technology. Your business and family deserves no less.

Our technology provides seamless operations equally reliable in normal time as in an emergency situation and also allows for full control of the locations of first responders across the building in real time. Managing emergent situations with clear wireless and bidirectional features, utilizing exclusive FDNY frequencies, makes ARCS the distinctive requirement.

According to the City of New York, property managers should schedule daily inspections of the unit by on-site professionals. The FDNY also completes an annual inspection requiring an annual certification. There is also the five-year re-certification process for the entire radio system. Failure to comply might lead to violation fines and fees. The City of New York also requires that a licensed individual oversees the testing process. This professional must hold a Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY. This person oversees the testing process and holds the prerequisite skills pertaining to New York City’s Fire Code, Building Code and the standards that are applicable to each ARCS test. !!!

AGTechnologies’ ARCS systems allows for the installation and conversion of any building with minimal investment and little disruption. And once the system is installed and commissioned, AGTechnologies will also perform the regular inspections, maintenance and re-certification requirements imposed by the FDNY. AGTechnologies’ patented technology, designs, engineering and service is cutting edge and second to none in the industry.


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